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Why Your On-Site Blog is Still ‘The Business’

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30 Jan Why Your On-Site Blog is Still ‘The Business’

Not the terrible mock gangster film starring everyone’s favourite lovable rogue Danny Dyer or the English Oi! band formed in 1979, your on-site blog is ‘the business’ for a whole other reason. There is in fact a long (long) list of business benefits and statistics that go hand-in-hand with keeping your on-site blog regularly updated – facts that I have made it my business to retain particularly after the launch on my sister service, BlogBait.

The average on-site blog is after all rather neglected by most, in fact I can use my own under-loved blog as an example. But had I known what I know today, I would have been blogging day in day out to really squeeze the life out of said advantages, not updated by blog roll once every six months. A terrible performance considering my profession! In the pursuit of fulfilling our own clients’ needs however we tend to neglect the things a little closer to home, like our websites, but hopefully the following statements will convert you into an avid blogger for your own cause, as they have for me…

Blogging regularly really does increase leads – Businesses who added unique, engaging and relevant content to their on-site blog section on a regularly basis fared better leads-wise – 67% better!

And the traffic increase isn’t bad either – An on-site blog has the power to drive more traffic to your website, particularly if it’s full of the useful information your customers want and need to hear.

Your link juice will be out of this world – Better SEO is what everyone wants right? But with content there’s no need to get the chequebook out for expensive agency help. Yes, content doesn’t solve all but a regularly updated blog section garners 97% more links to a site than a neglected one.

The search engines will love you – Google and the like love it when a site is user friendly, and as a result the search engines are putting a higher price on authentic content that really engages with audiences.

You’ll be a trusted resource within your industry – Trust and customer loyalty are two things that the best brands have in abundance but it doesn’t happen overnight. Your blog is a great portal for building trust and loyalty, and will position you as a market leader and industry expert if you make your blog a source of news, advice and insights.

Your social media feeds will be more sharable than ever – it’s all well and good doing the odd retweet here and a little like or two there, but connecting with new customers, entertaining existing ones and expanding your reach even further is all about having your own voice. Crafting content is an excellent route to more sharing opportunities.

Managing your blog doesn’t have to be a hassle, I can do it for you and help you reap the rewards detailed above. Whether you want to get started right here or through my sister service – your requests all come to the same place (me!), blogging for business is the way to go.


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