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Signs It’s Time for a Web Copy Overhaul

Web Copywriting

20 Apr Signs It’s Time for a Web Copy Overhaul

As you may know I love a bit of shameless self-promotion, and web copywriting is just one of the many creative content services I offer as the proud owner of BritCopy. For almost every company, big or small, an online presence is an integral part of business, and your website is an important factor in this all-consuming, crazy, fast paced, web loving world. Without a website your products or services are likely to fall on deaf ears, and whether you are just opting for a simple web page or a full-on, ecommerce mega site, it’s not just how your website looks that defines customer engagement and subsequent loyalty, your web copy matters too.

Your website has to sound the part, and having the right words in tow on each and every page will have more of an impact than you think, both with your target audience and the search engines. Many business owners opt to pen their website content themselves, especially if budgets are tight in those early days, and whilst I’m a purveyor of ‘there’s no one who knows your brand as well as you’, there are many benefits that go hand-in-hand with commissioning someone like me to write the web copy that will grace your site and promote your company to potential customers. Here I take a closer look at the signs that say it’s time to revise your web copy so you can put your very best face forward online.

Your readers just aren’t engaging as expected

As well as promoting your company in all its glory, your website’s content should be informative, engaging and ultimately geared towards your target audience. If your website isn’t getting the reaction you expected then content may be one of the factors worth revisiting. Your web copy should let customers know exactly who you are, what your company stands for, how your company got where it is today, and what services or products you provide. As the saying goes ‘the more you tell, the more you sell!’.

The search engines aren’t interested either

Whilst the age of over optimisation is long gone, a website that disengages visitors, is likely to be met by little enthusiasm from the search engines. Carrying out a little research about the keywords and phrases that are important to your audience, incorporating these into your content and providing as much information about your business and its products or services is a great place to begin if you want to get the search engines excited.

A website that offers little value to readers in terms of its content is just as bad as the overly optimised, can’t-read-a-sentence-straight-because-they’re-so-many-keywords websites of yesteryear. Quality content has never been more important in the search engine optimisation (SEO) world so get back to basics and pen something worth reading. According to Yoast, WordPress’ number 1 SEO plugin, the benefits of great content on your website include a better understanding amongst your target audience, lower bounce rate, increased trust and loyalty, and better social media engagement.

You get visitors but they don’t stick around

As we’ve covered, harnessing a lower bounce rate is just one of the advantages of incorporating great content into your website, and content rich websites tend to achieve a better ‘site stickiness’ (the technical term – yes really) than those that offer poor content value. Whilst enriching, entertaining and educating your audience is often mentioned in the same breath as the benefits associated with keeping your on-site blog active – I offer a blogging service also, loving these plugs! – the same applies to the staple web copy featured across the rest of your website. Give visitors a reason to stick around, and keep them coming back for more.

There are many more reasons why it makes perfect sense to refresh your existing web copy, or if you’re just getting started, hire a professional to pen those all-important words. Get in touch with me direct to discuss your web copy requirements, and become one step closer to a more engaging online presence.

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