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It’s Finally Here!

02 Aug It’s Finally Here!

Despite working as a freelancer for the past year and a bit, I am only just unveiling to the virtual world.

The site itself has been just a couple of weeks in the making, thanks to some whip cracking – good job my hubby is the web development genius behind it – but I’ve been in the media industry long before even my university years, taking placements wherever I could from the time I left school.

During the past year of ‘going it alone’ I’ve earned many brownie points for this professional persistence and my experience at the ripe old age of 24 (soon to be 25) has bagged me a host of clients. The new site gives me the chance to showcase my skills that bit better and even if you can’t cope with my consistent and often plain weird ramblings, you’ll find a host of copywriting services designed to give your business the extra oomph it needs to push your products or services out there further – so I hope I can help!

You’ll find a selection of copywriting services here, all served to you by myself from the comfort of my country pile (well, my haunted cottage in the heart of Cheshire), so take a look for yourself and get in touch if you require additional assistance to promote your brand through the written word!

Contact me today to find out more, and remember – a dash of milk, no sugar 🙂


Photo by cannnela / CC BY

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