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Is Content Still King?

03 Aug Is Content Still King?

In short, yes content is still the reigning champ of the online marketing world, otherwise I would have been put out to pasture long (long) ago. However, with so many marketing trends that claim to be the must-do for businesses of all shapes and sizes, it’s easy to see how and why content’s crown has slipped in recent months, after all investing in good quality content and putting it to even better use isn’t that simple.

As bestselling author Seth Godin put it…

Content marketing is the only marketing left.

…and I stick firmly and vehemently by this, whatever my client’s niche or goal.

Creating and promoting powerful content as an aide to sell your products or services can be achieved in a variety of ways, and whilst most are clueless about exactly what works and what doesn’t as many feel the pressure of one little known search engine’s wrath, one simple fact remains – the content you are putting out there has to be of the highest quality and must be customer (not search engine) focussed.

Since Matt Cutts’ The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO post hit our screens at the start of the year, many businesses have run for the hills, leaving many of their content strategies far behind. However, whilst the end of using outreach to gather mostly spammy links offered the scare factor for many, many more (me for instance) saw it as a golden opportunity to put great content, not content purely made for the purpose of building links, back on the map.

I’m not saying that outreach work is devil, I still regularly contribute to a small selection of well-known sites both in a personal and professional capacity, but where the culture of SEO guest posting was heading was not a pretty sight, in fact it was a vision spoiled by individuals that couldn’t research, write or spot a spelling or grammatical error to save their lives!

So what’s left? Whilst many relied heavily on outreach to build those all-important links, the role of content has returned its purest form. Whilst the aim to build links, as well as increase exposure, boost footfall to your site and provide something of value to target customers, will remain your key objective in this web-driven world, combining pronounced content with a plethora of well-timed, well-organised and research-driven marketing strategies ensures every last word is used wisely and each is as powerful as the next.

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