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9 Reasons Why You Need a Copywriter (Translation: Hire Me!)

06 Jan 9 Reasons Why You Need a Copywriter (Translation: Hire Me!)

As copywriters, most of us don’t blow our own trumpets often enough but it’s a pretty cool skill to have as a whole, and one that many still don’t reap the rewards of. Having a way with words as a business is an important part of any marketing strategy and a sure-fire route to connecting with the new and existing customers that keep your business successful. Here I’ve compiled just nine good reasons why you need a copywriter – there are many more beyond this – so you can unlock the power of the written word for yourself.

1. Communicate your business in the best possible way

Hiring a professional copywriter is more than just enhancing your team with another set of skills, a copywriter can help you translate your products, services and wider business ethos into words that will connect with your target audience. Whilst you know your brand better than I do, putting pen to paper to talk about it isn’t always easy without the help of a copywriter.

2. Spend time on other areas of your business

With content creation covered, you can focus on other areas of your business. Creating copy yourself can be much more time consuming, but by choosing a copywriter you can ensure this area is handled professionally and to your individual business requirements.

3. Create consistent and engaging content

Tone of voice is a phrase that is thrown around no end by marketers everywhere, and for good reason, it’s an important part of representing your brand consistently and effectively to your customers. Your copywriter will spend a considerable amount of time getting to know your brand and can work to develop a new, more effective tone of voice or use the tried and tested one that you already rely on and find successful.

4. Tap into other content marketing strategies

Copywriter services extend beyond the creation of blog copy, and whilst the updating of a blog is an important part of positioning your business as a market leader that can always be called upon for the latest news and advice, your copywriter can help you tap into other content marketing strategies that you may not have used, or used with little success before.

As part of a fully integrated content service, I offer a variety of services including blog management, news and feature writing, web copywriting, ecommerce content, copywriting for print, quality management, press release writing, content strategising, email marketing and writer training.

5. Get content quality spot on

In addition to ensuring that the tone of voice of the copy reflecting your brand is correct, the quality of the content created on behalf of your brand will also be on-point. Grammar, spelling and punctuation are the bugbears of most, but by hiring a professional, you can ensure an expert outlook that works for customers and the search engines – Google hates spelling errors just as much as I do!

6. Improve your ranking

Forget black hat techniques that are dodgy and successful only in the short term at best, great content is the way to better ranking for the keywords and terms you are looking to target. Alongside usability and experience, content is an important ranking factor. The latest Searchmetrics Google ranking factors study published in December 2016 demonstrates the importance of content, which is gaining major brownie points where links are losing out. Content, published both on-site and off, can help you generate organic traffic to increase revenue and sales.

7. Sell, sell, sell without shame

Brazen self-promotion is one thing that many say you shouldn’t do, but by combining great quality content you can sell your products and services effectively, and dare I say shamelessly, whilst still providing value to your target audience.

8. Mix it up and explore

Variation is something that many businesses handling their own content creation tend to avoid, after all, if something works why change it? Mixing up how you write content can be beneficial in many ways, whether it’s a new niche, area of your industry or simply a change in content length that is being explored. Let your copywriter craft different content in different formats, whilst staying true to your brand’s tone of voice, and keep the content associated with your brand fresh, unique and engaging.

9. Improve your social standing too

As I’ve mentioned content creates numerous opportunities both online and offline, and with your social media platforms, this sentiment is ever truer. Social media marketing is a great, low budget way to extend your reach, drive click-throughs and interact directly with audiences, and by providing engaging, unique and expert content you can unlock all these advantages.

Ready to get started with content creation for your business? Whatever your needs, I can help. Contact me for further information by phone, email or pigeon.

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